Photographed at Haitang Bay, Sanya

陈皓 (Hao Chen)


Software Engineer at WeRide.ai

Play soccer
Body fitness

Computer Science
Computer Science

I am a CS student in The University of Texas at Austin. I like system-related works, e.g., distributed system, cloud computing, computer architecture, etc. In my opinion, build a system and make it run is much more impressive than mathematical formulas and models.

Graduated from ACM Honored Class, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in June 2016


I play soccer and taekwondo. Sometimes I also play basketball, or skiing.

My favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona. I became their fan since 2007, Ronaldinho was there at that time, and Messi was just a little kid. In my view, although M.S.N. is good, but Pep Guardiola’s team in 2009 and his ‘Tiki-Taka’ are the best.

As for basketball, San Antonio Spurs is my favorite.


I am a crazy fitness fan and I go to the gym almost every day. Also, I practice Taekwondo for better workout (and a lot of fun!)

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